Marius, multi award winning 100% natural organic juices.

One glass of juice is equivalent to one daily portion of fruit and vegetables

100% natural fruit juices

Each of our 100% fruit juices is bottled straight after pressing and pasteurisation. Marius juices contain no additives, retaining most of their original vitamins, minerals and flavour.

Marius products have won many awards at the annual agricultural show in Paris

An artisan juicer with more than 90 awards at the annual agricultural show in Paris!

A range of organic juices and lemonades

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The best vitamins in any season.

A deep yellow-orange colour. Sweet and fruity aroma and juice packed with ripe, freshly picked oranges, bursting with sunshine.

Get the day off to a good start.

An age-old fruit from the Mediterranean basin, the pomegranate has quite a story to tell! Its highly prized juice reflects this perfectly: both complex and subtle, you won’t be disappointed. Its red colour with violet highlights the delightful benefits of this juice.



A sweet and refreshing juice that carries all the nuances and subtlety of fresh, crisp pears.

Its light, fruity nose and inviting pastel colour makes it a real juice for connoisseurs. To be enjoyed chilled!


Heritage tomatoes.

A beautiful deep red colour and an intense aroma characteristic of tomatoes sun-ripened in Provence. A silky, smooth juice.

Ideal as an aperitif.


Classic apple.

A beautiful golden colour, characteristic of a sun-kissed apple. An intense and fruity aroma, sweet and balanced to taste.

Typical of this blend of varieties grown in the heart of Provence.

Apricots straight from the orchard.

An intense, bright orange colour. A characteristic and expressive aroma of ripe apricots which is smooth to taste, leading to a tangy finish, the sign of fully ripened apricots.




All the sweetness of carrots in a bottle.

With just a hint of lemon, this juice provides a good dose of vitamins.



Raspberry with a hint of sweetness.
A crushed raspberry colour.
Aromas of fresh cooked raspberry jam.

The perfect balance between the vivacity of raspberry and the sweetness of apple.



Summer refreshment.
A golden colour with silver highlights.
An aroma that sings of sweet lemons from the south of France.

Beautifully balanced with a tangy finish that invites the next sip.



Straight from Quebec, this small berry creates a juice that tickles your taste buds! Very tart, it is perfect for cocktails or simply pure, for its recognized therapeutic virtues.





Packed with vitamins! Sweetness of carrots, fruitiness of apples and vitality of oranges.

Happiness in a bottle!





A thirst-quenching drink that’s sure to brighten up your taste buds. Cane sugar adds a touch of sweetness to this tangy lemonade.




This organic lemonade brings out the tangy note of lime, transporting us to the tropics! A simply refreshing drink.




The grapefruit in this organic lemonade adds a light, refreshing bitterness. A lovely pink colour thanks to its hint of raspberry.

Marius, the Provençal master juicer

Our juices and nectars express the authenticity of one of the most beautiful French regions – Provence. Nestling at the foot of the Alpilles, Marius is located in the heart of the orchards and focuses on local artisanal production.

With its recognised artisanal know-how, in particular the title of “Master Craftsman” obtained over 30 years ago, Marius is committed to respecting the fruit and showcasing its flavours.

In addition to an authentic taste, Marius Presseur en Provence is also committed to consumer health, with organic products, free of additives and preservatives.

Marius artisan production stages

A responsible juicer

Fruit is mainly sourced from Provence and France

By prioritising Provençal and French orchards (for the fruit that grows in our country), Marius Presseur en Provence contributes to a network of more than 1000 farmers, with whom the company has established close and fair working relationships.

An on-site wastewater treatment plant.

As part of a sustainable development approach, Marius has chosen to recycle its waste and has installed a wastewater treatment plant on its production site.

Committed to protecting pollinating insects

Going even further, Marius has been committed since 2018 to supporting the entire arboriculture industry by funding projects to safeguard pollinating insects. In practical terms, 2 cents per organic bottle sold are donated to fund these projects.

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